Custom Engraved Industrial Plates


Resistant to abrasion, heat, UV, salt-corrosion and chemicals. With its ability to
perform across a range of challenging environments, DuraBlack meets government,
industrial and military specifications.


Two layer plastic material with excellent lasering qualities, Perfect for industrial
environments and high traffic areas. Tested under extreme conditions for stability
and durability.

Traffolyte and Plastics


Traffolyte is the ideal material for plumbing, heating, electrical labels and valve tags. Wide range of shapes and colours available Traffolyte rigid engraving laminate is ideally suited for many applications in industry, engineering and commercial business. Prevent accidents with professionally engraved hazard, warning & electrical safety signs & labels.


TrophyFlex is a thin gauge flexible acrylic composite, specifically designed for laser and engraved plates and labels. With a durable micro-surface and only.015 total thickness, this adhesive backed substrate has exceptional durability and integrity for projects on curved or flat surfaces, trophies, plaques, ID plates/labels, signage and more. TrophyFlex also performs beautifully with UV-LED printed label applications.

Material Specifications

Material - Flexible microsurfaced acrylic composite with adhesive backing and clear protective mask.

Finish - Matte non-glare / Gloss / Brushed Sheet Size - 610mm x 300mm x 0.38mm

Usage - Trophies / Awards / Plaques / ID Plates / Labels Marking Method - C02 Laser / Rotating Carbide / UV-LED printable

Cutting Depth - 0.08mm Fabrication Method - Saws / Drills / Laser vector cuts / Screen prints / Fine detail engraving / Hot stamps / UV-LED printable / Thermal prints.