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Honour Boards

Please feel free to contact us for advice on your honour board requirements.
The Trophy Superstore offers Brisbane a large range of Honour Boards at value prices.
Our range consists timber, acrylic and metal boards. All of our Honour Boards are made to your design specifications.

Your logo can be installed on the board in a number of ways.
The most popular is to digitally print and cut out the logo on vinyl. The colour logo is then laminated and applied in the desired position on the board.
Another way is to cut it out in Gold vinyl and apply the same way as the lettering.

For most of our timber Honour Boards we use a gold vinyl. It is sourced from a leading sign supply company and is rated for 10 year in an interior environment without any colour fading or dis-colouration.
Other colours like white and black can be used depending on your requirements.

The Trophy Superstore can update your Honour boards either at your organisation location or if they can be dropped in to our shop. As well as updating the entries they will be cleaned and maintained as well.
We record your font and letter size so that future updates are always consistent with the existing records.
All boards can be self-maintained by clients. The application of updates is an extremely easy process.

Size of Honour Board
The Trophy Superstore can help you estimate the size required for your Honour Boards. To properly determine size there are three factors that need to be taken into consideration for most Honour Boards.
They are;
Number of years that you would like to show records/history of the club/organisation.
Available space to hang the board.
How many years you want to show going forward.
A few sample of suggested sizes are listed below;

Names Size
50 700 by 500mm
100 900 by 900mm
150 1200 by 1000mm
200 1500 by 1200mm
300 2400 by 1200mm

We deliver Honour Boards only to Brisbane at this stage.

Small honour boards come with hanging mounts ready to go on to secure hooks.
Larger Honour Boards are supplied with two interlocking bars. Brace bars are made up of two lengths of timber with edges that are cut at a 45% angle. One bar is attached to the rear of the honour boar and the other mounting bar is ready to be fixed to the wall. The honour board is then lifted into place and lowered onto bar which has been secured to the wall.
Honour boards can also be installed by using “stand offs”. Stand offs are used mainly in the sign industry. Stand offs hold the board anywhere from 20mm to 50mm off the wall, to heighten the effect of the board.

The Trophy Superstore can deliver and install your honour board for you or alternatively we can just supply so you can install it yourself.