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Creating Company Culture through Recognition

Creating Company Culture through Recognition

 Organizational culture is a buzz word in the modern business environment, and for good reason. Company culture plays an important role in virtually every factor in a business’ success, with many organizations striving to identify how to improve their culture. Let’s take a look at culture and how a successful recognition culture can improve it.

 What is Company Culture?

 Company culture essentially refers to the beliefs, assumptions, values, and interpersonal interactions that create the social environment of an organization. Company culture may also sometimes be referred to as climate.

 Company culture deals with both high level things such as mission and vision as well as day-to-day customs and operations. Additionally, company culture often is influenced more by typical daily employee interactions than other factors.

 Ever work at an organization where you feel supported to take risks? What about one where you feel like you will lose your job for making a small error? Both are results of company culture.


What are Benefits of a Positive Culture?

 Organizations strive to create a positive company culture for many reasons. It helps define the overarching identity of an organization both with employees, competitors, and customers. It also highlights whether or not a company is adhering to its values.

 However, there are many tangible benefits to a positive culture that make it worth the investment of time. A good company culture will have employees that advocate for it by recruiting others and supporting it in their personal lives as well as professional ones.

 Companies with a positive culture also have greater employee commitment and retention. Positive culture also contributes to the ability to better attract top talent. In fact, 60% of employees have noted that they would not take a job with a negative culture even for a pay raise while 57% said they want to be a part of an organization that is enjoyable to work for.

 A positive company culture also promotes greater teamwork and enhances things as diverse as innovation, decision-making, and communication between departments. Organizations with an effective company culture will also see decisions from management be more easily trusted and supported.

 How Can Recognition Help Company Culture?

 There are many things that influence company culture. However, one way to contribute to the development of positive culture is to create a strong employee recognition program. These programs can take many different shapes and are generally multi-faceted in nature.

 Employee recognition helps staff members feel valued. Recognition can take the form of a periodic surprise thank you for employees who go above and beyond. It can include formal awards presented annually or quarterly. It can also include encouraging peer recognition.

 There are many opportunities to recognize the achievement of staff members. If you are wanting to better improve your employee recognition, the staff at your online trophy superstore are always happy to help you find the perfect way to recognize your top performers.


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