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Importance of Recognising Employees

Importance of Recognising Employees

 Many organizations excel in how they recognize their employees while others may not have begun to think about recognition. In fact, many businesses do not realize the benefits of recognizing employees and why doing so is important. However, ensuring to effectively acknowledge the accomplishments and performance of employees is important for businesses and has a wide array of benefits. Let’s take a look at why recognition is important for organizations.

 Show Appreciation

 The heart of any effort toward employee recognition is simply to show appreciation for the contributions of employees. This could involve something such as recognizing those who contributed to the success of a project or rewarding someone who stood out amongst their peer and surpassed expectations.

 Showing appreciation is important for boosting employee morale. You know the feeling you get even from a simple thank you for work you’ve done? That’s because people want to feel valued and appreciated. Recognizing your employees will help show that you value their efforts and work.


 Another reason why employee recognition is important is motivation. When employees receive recognition for going far above and beyond in their jobs, it motivates them to continue that level of performance. Additionally, when other people see employees receiving recognition for their efforts, it creates a desire to follow in their footsteps, potentially motivating others to work harder.

Motivation is important to all organizations as motivated employees are more productive, tend to enjoy their job, and are easier to manage. Motivation has also been linked to things like innovation.

 Create Forward Momentum

 However, employee recognition is not all about the individual employee. Sometimes it is about helping sustain a project. Recognizing a team that is working through a major organizational change has been shown to increase resolve for finishing the project successfully and making changes stick. This is called the “small wins” strategy where incremental benchmarks result in celebration for work thus far.

 Long-term projects often encounter many obstacles and barriers. They also require an extensive amount of work. Providing periodic recognition serves as a bit of stress relief while also empowering a team to feel like they are making progress, helping continue forward motion.

 Showcase Organisation Values

 Finally, an important aspect of employee recognition is to showcase organisational values. By recognizing certain things, you are communicating what is most important to the Organisation and what things other employees should aspire towards.

 An important thing in any Organisation is creating a brand. Recognition is one way that you can work towards this, helping to align your mission and values with your actions. If you need assistance in Recognising your employees contact the Trophy Superstore and our friendly staff will assist you in this important matter.


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