Branding and marketing for your business through promotional apparel, outdoor and indoor wear, headwear and lifestyle accessories is extremely effective. Here at The Trophy Superstore, we can use your company , school or club's logo/dsign to add a decorative and professional touch to any type of apparel. Whether you simply want to make a statement for a special event or promote your business, we can get custom embroidery done for you.

Embroidery can be done on :

  • Shirts, Shorts & Pants (Corporate Wear, Outdoor and Indoor lifestyle wear)
  • Caps (headwear, scarves, beanie, bandannas)
  • School caps and hats
  • Bags, Knapsacks, carry bags, tote bags, gym bags, sporting bags
  • Aprons
  • Embroidered badges, (iron on/sew)


Embroidery LogoExample of Embroidery