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Professional & Proper


Having a name badge suited to your school, club or business, looks extremely professional and can help build customer relationships and rapport. It will also make your staff and members feel like they belong, which has been shown to build work satisfaction.

At the Trophy Superstore, our two most common sizes of name badges are classified as 'Large' and 'Small';


  • Large: 76mm (L) x 25mm
  • Small: 69mm (L) x 19mm
  • Coated with Acrylic or Uncoated
  • Casting Optional: Black, White, Green, Yellow, Red or Blue
  • Pin or Magnet Fasteners
  • Your Logo, Your Text, Your Design...Our Pleasure
  • Don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales staff for pricing on our name badges: sales@trophysuperstore.com.au


Name Badge Picture

If these two sizes do not suit your requirements, we can create you a custom name badge as we also offer round, flat, square and rectangular badges. Our custom name badges are an efficient way to build hype around a new promotion or event, ensuring all your members, clients or customers know about it if they haven't seen any other advertisements. See previous examples of our classic name badges we created for our valued clients.